Broome County Community Organizations Active in Disaster, Inc. (Broome County COAD) is a registered 501(c)3 public charity that was incorporated in 2009. Broome County COAD is a membership organization, comprised of independent agencies and organizations that may be active in all, or any phases of disaster in Broome County, New York. Our mission is to provide a collaborative structure to coordinate the work of community organizations and resources to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters in Broome County. You can read more about our mission, vision, and values here.

Broome County COAD was formed to serve the community as follows:

  • To provide a collaborative structure to coordinate the work of voluntary agencies and organizations that assist residents of the Broome County area affected by disasters, both  natural and man-made;
  • To foster more effective service through preparation, response and mitigation for the benefit of all people in the Broome County area imperiled or impacted by disasters;
  • To disseminate information through member organizations and the community as needed, including the organization and sponsorship of informational meetings, local conferences and training programs;
  • To coordinate and improve on working relationships among member organizations, advocate disaster preparedness, establish a unified voice in local disaster management and maintain a liaison with federal, state and local emergency  management offices including the representation of disaster-related concerns to appropriate agencies and representatives;
  • To encourage participation and to increase awareness of disaster planning;
  • To utilize resources from federal, state, and local governments and member organizations in order to support disaster mitigation efforts and to organize and assist in long-term recovery when needed.