Should you become a member?

Broome County COAD is a membership organization made up of entities involved in mitigation, preparedness, relief, recovery, rebuilding and community development associated with disasters affecting Broome County, New York.  All sectors of society must work together to foster more resilient communities in Broome County.

  • Do you care about finding ways to more effectively prepare for disaster?
  • Do you understand why it is important for all sectors of society to work together to build more resilient communities?

If you are curious about the answers to these questions then we would love to speak with you regarding membership opportunities! Visit our members page for a list of our current members.

Benefits of Membership

  • Network with organizations active in the disaster cycle (preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation) at quarterly membership meetings
  • Participate in disaster drills and exercises
  • Access to disaster preparedness trainings and resources – both personal and organizational preparedness
  • Access to our lending library of over 50 books – subjects include emergency preparedness, volunteer management, and nonprofit governance
  • Access to training events and materials, participation on committees and task forces, and inclusion in pertinent planning discussions that affect Broome County and its municipalities. Within these venues, members have the opportunity to impact the development of policies, standards and program related procedures connected with disaster response and recovery.

Types of Membership


Full Member status may be granted to any organization in or serving Broome County, with either a stated or implied policy of committing resources, without discrimination, to meet the needs of people affected by disaster. Resources may be people, money, equipment, goods and services, facilities or any other commodity which may be needed during the often challenging conditions associated with disaster. Full members have the privilege of voting on organizational business, including electing board officers, board members, and amending organizational bylaws as they deem fit.


Affiliate status may be granted to any individual or organization with disaster planning and operations responsibilities or capabilities, or an interest in such. Affiliate members do not have any voting rights within Broome County COAD.

** Member organizations are entitled and encouraged to have more than one representative participating in meetings, committees and other activities. It must be noted, however, that member organizations receive only one vote regardless of how many representatives participate in Broome County COAD activities. Mailings will be sent to the primary contact and may be duplicated for internal distribution.


Click here to fill out our online application form and we will be in touch with you soon about the status of your application.